Friday, December 23, 2005

At the Gym

i was busy working my butt off on the elliptical runner while hooked up to the gadget that plays sound from the television sets (i'm not sure what it's called... sorry). i use the personal audio cable that comes with my CI processor accessories and attach it to the thingamajig on the exercise machines. each gym member can choose whatever channel she wants to listen to (whether it be music or one of the six television sets playing on the wall).

anyway, i had decided to watch the news, so i plugged into the specific television set that was playing the program. as i'm listening, the closed captioning was running along the bottom of the t.v. (for those people who can't hear the broadcast directly and have to read it). the problem? i was getting sooo confused! you see, the captions don't run at exactly the same speed that the newscasters speak, so the words get all jumbled and lag behind. since i could actually hear what was being said, reading the captions THREW ME OFF. it was bizarre.

of course, i'm not really "complaining" about this... i'm actually counting my blessings. my CI works so well, and i can hear the news reports so clearly, that i don't have to read the captions. what's even better is that if i forget my glasses and can't see the t.v. screen, i can just listen to the sound of the television without worrying about what i'm missing. it's AWESOME.

another lovely incident that happened to me while i was at the gym was when i was getting changed in the locker room. someone was making an announcement over the P.A. system and it sounded rather urgent. here i was, all worried and thinking i was missing something, when all of a sudden i caught the last bit of the announcement: '...your lights are on.'

'ohmigosh!' i thought... 'what if it's my car whose lights are on???' and then without even trying to hear the announcement, i hear it again: '...Blue BMW, license plate number blah-blah-blah, your lights are on.'

WHEW! now that definitely wasn't me... heh.

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