Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Where is that sound coming from?

one night, after work, i was locking up the office when i heard people talking. i was there alone, so at first it startled me. when i realized that nobody else was there (it was 9:30pm on a Wednesday night, after all), i spent some time searching for the source of the sound.

there are 2 radios in the office -- one is by the front desk and one is in the back room where the charts are stored. both radios were turned off, so they definitely weren't the source of the sound i was hearing.

i was getting really frustrated. usually i'm lazy and just ask someone (with "better" ears) to tell me what direction noises are coming from and what exactly i'm hearing. obviously, this was not an option, being that i was all alone.


i turned up the volume on my CI and LISTENED. VERY. CLOSELY. i walked around the office very slowly and focused as hard as i could when..... BAM! there it was: the television in the waiting room.

you're probably thinking, "couldn't she just see the t.v. playing? i mean, duh." believe it or not, the screen wasn't working. for some reason, the t.v. screen was black (maybe a screen saver-type thing was activated?), yet the sound was still coming through. so i shut off the television, all sorts of pleased with myself.

i know it's not that big of a deal, but these days my CI moments are few and far between.

ACTUALLY... let me rephrase that: my CI moments happen every day, but i notice them less and less. i guess as time passes, i take them for granted, which i know i shouldn't. sooo... it's random sounds from a mysterious t.v. that remind me every so often that, HEY, I CAN HEAR!

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