Friday, March 30, 2012

upgrade, implant #2 and a CI moment

it's been so long since i last wrote in here, i feel somewhat silly doing it now...


a lot of new stuff is happening.  

i'm hoping to get an upgrade on my current (left) CI processor.  it's been over 7 years -- yes, SEVEN -- since i first got my CI.  the processor i have now (ESPrit 3G) is already on its last legs, so i'm way overdue for a new one.  the newest model -- the Nucleus 5 -- is amazing.  whether or not i get it all depends on insurance approval.  it's exciting stuff!

i am also hoping to get an implant in my right ear so that i have bilateral hearing.  again, this all depends on insurance coverage, audiological testing and the otolaryngologist's evaluation.  i'm keeping my fingers crossed it works out!


just last night, hubby and i were going for a walk around the neighborhood.  it was a windy night, so all sorts of sounds were whooshing around us.  at one point, i heard a soft, dainty tinkling sound.  i looked around and asked, "what is that?"  my husband pointed it out: WIND CHIMES!  there were three different kinds hanging from a neighbor's porch and all of them were playing a sweet melody.  oh, how lovely the sound was...  

hopefully, when i have an implant in my right ear, i'll be able to tell what direction the wind chimes are coming from...  can't wait!

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