Monday, July 04, 2005

Date of Evaluation: May 26, 2005

i went for my 3-month evaluation and mapping session and wanted to share how things went. i was thinking of summarizing what happened, but then decided to just type out what the report said. yes, i'm lazy, but this is way more accurate than anything i could come up with!

there is a bunch of technical stuff in there, but if you read beyond it, you can see how well i am doing:
HISTORY: This patient was seen for a three month follow-up cochlear implant mapping session. The patient reports that she is receiving fair benefit from her implant, however notes that at times she feels it needs to be made louder. Additionally, the patient reports receiving good benefit from her hearing aid to the opposing ear.

AUDIOLOGICAL RESULTS: "T" and "C" levels were obtained and one new map was created. One map was an ACE map with ADRO, which was for the SPrint processor and one map was an upgrade of the patient's current Esprit 3G map to improve on loudness. Testing in the sound field with ADRO map revealed thresholds at 30 dB at 250 Hz and 25 dB at 500 through 8,000 Hz. Discrimination in sound field via CD was 100%. Hearing in noise test was obtained at 55 dB with 35 dB as noise and revealed a test score of 100%.

IMPRESSION: Based on today's findings, the patient is receiving excellent benefit from her maps as recorded.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Re-mapping in three months or sooner if the patient notes any problems.
i must say that i am very happy with the way things are going. even though i cannot use the ADRO program in my 3G processor, i am extremely pleased.

i will be posting kinda-new CI moments later this week. i apologize for taking so long to update this, but things have been hectic!

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