Wednesday, July 27, 2005


i know i just posted a super-duper-long entry yesterday, but today i had an incredible CI moment at work. because i don't want to just brush it off and write about it the next time i feel inspired, i figured i would share it ASAP.

during our daily "synopsis-meeting" today at my
new job, two staff members were discussing a client they had just visited. because i just starting working at this agency (8 lovely days ago), i do not have much to say about the people we service. the new staff training involves a lot of listening, reading and observing, but not much talking.

anyway, everyone was talking about this one particular client, except for me and another new staff member. amazingly (or not so much anymore?) i was able to follow along with the conversation, even though there were 5 people taking part in this animated discussion. "Betty" said something, then "Missy" said something and then "Kevin" said something and then "Bob" said something and "Kathy" said something and then "Betty" and "Missy" and "Kevin" and so on and so on... back and forth it went.

at one point, someone made a silly comment about something that happened. for some odd reason, i was feeling brave enough to put in my 2 cents -- so i did -- and then the most wonderful thing happened: everyone laughed. they actually laughed at my joke! little Linda, the quiet Mental Health Advocate, who just started her new job, made a joke causing everyone around the table -- and i do mean everyone -- to crack up. i was in HEAVEN.

now, this may not seem like that big of a deal to the normal-hearing people who joke around in group situations all the time, BUT it was a fantastic moment for me. to be able to follow along during a conversation that 5 people at a time were having, and then to JUMP IN WITH A JOKE, is unheard of for me. i just don't do it... or at least, i didn't used to do it.

obviously, that is going to change now. today i found something inside of me that i didn't realize i had, and thought i lost (right along with my hearing last October): CONFIDENCE.

it was a good day... a good day, indeed.

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