Tuesday, August 09, 2005

just a quick one

i forgot to post this when it happened, so i'll just do it now.....

last weekend, my husband and i were hanging out with a bunch of our friends at another friend's house. since this was around 9 o'clock at night, it was dark outside, which is where we were all sitting. it's nice to enjoy the warm, summer weather while we still have it.

anyway, there was a porch light on and a couple Citronella candles burning, but the light was pretty much non-existent. to make things even more challenging, a radio was playing in the background.

for anyone who doesn't recognize the dilemma here:


i did not hesitate to ask one of my friends to turn the radio down because i did not want to strain to read everyone's lips the whole night. i knew that if the music in the background was quieter, i could actually hear people speaking.

as soon as my friend turned down the volume on the radio -- without hesitating, thank goodness -- i was in HEAVEN: it was
so much easier to follow along with everyone's conversation... AND to be included in it!

this cochlear implant is absolutely awesome.

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