Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i actually hear better than him (sometimes)

hubby and i were leaving my brother's apartment in NYC the other night. mind you, it's a 5th-floor-walk-up with NO ELEVATORS, so we had to trek it downstairs on foot...


anyway, as we were walking, i heard a very soft, but distinct, "thunk!" sound. to me, it sounded like something had fallen and hit the carpeted steps.

'did you hear that?' i said to my husband.

'no... what are you talking about?' he responded.

i told him, 'i think i heard something fall... did you drop anything?'

'i don't think so,' he said, and kept on walking ahead of me.

'lo and behold, i came across a tire gauge, of all things. so i picked it up and said to hubby, 'isn't this yours?'

he looked at me all sorts of shocked, 'oh, my goodness! that's my tire gauge. i didn't realize i dropped it. it must've fallen out of my pocket. how did you hear that???'

i smiled, handed it to him and said, 'i just did.'

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