Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Quick Update and An Apology

i know i've AWOL lately -- for very good reasons, too -- but i will be updating soon with some interesting stories... i promise!

the main reason i am writing right now though is to warn whoever reads this blog that my picture links may suddenly stop working. for the first time since i started using Fotopic as a hosting service, my accounts are being restricted... so much so, that i actually have to cancel/delete some of them. i am quite upset about this because i have many photographs posted through this web site and am NOT about to pay 45 Pounds a year (yes, they're British) for multiple accounts. yeah, i know -- i did a sneaky thing by signing up for more than one, but i didn't think i'd get caught when using so many e-mail addresses... sheesh.

anywhooo, if by some chance a fellow reader clicks on a link and an error message pops up instead of an image, please let me know. i will slowly, but surely re-link my pictures through Photobucket, a MUCH better (and unlimited) site.

thanks for your understanding, y'all!

p.s. also, thank you to whoever posted the "Anonymous" comment and clarified the Fotopic account issue for me.

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  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Erm, you do know you can have up to 5 fotopic galleries in the same account don't you? They get stroppy if you have multiple accounts, but you can have five galleries in a single one...