Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hi! Ba ba! Ma! Huh?

i just had the most wonderful day today visiting some friends whom have i haven't seen in YEARS and am still floating from all the love and happiness they shared with me...

[...happy sigh...]

aaanyway, one of the CI moments i had today was when their ADORABLE daughter was babbling and chatting and being all sorts of talkative. amazingly, she's only 13 months old and she's already saying simple words and making a lot of consonant sounds. naturally, this really piqued my auditory interest.

AND even though i was having a tough time understanding what she was saying (which apparently is normal when it's not your own baby you're listening to), the fact that i HEARD her was incredible... and quite entertaining!

thank you, B & L, for letting me experience your precious daughter and for patiently "translating" her words for me...

i LOVE you guys!!!


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