Friday, April 08, 2005

Sound-Related Pet Peeves

now that i'm getting more and more used to this "surround sound" hearing thing, i've developed some pet peeves. i'm *not* complaining because being able to hear so much is wonderful... it's just that i'm human, and i get annoyed by certain sounds like everyone else does (i assume).

anyway, here they are in no particular order:
  1. my co-worker sniffling all the time -- she never blows her nose, even though she has a box of tissues RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER ON HER DESK! i want to ask her if she has a cold or if she's suffering from allergies, but what if she doesn't get the hint? it's not like i can say "stop that sniffling! i can hear you, you know?"
  2. someone making a telephone call using the speakerphone -- this sound has always gotten to me, even prior to my CI... now it's just LOUDER and more DISTINCT. hearing the phone ringing on the other end over the speaker is very annoying... and loud!
  3. my husband's car radio playing in the background when i'm talking to him on the phone -- i ask him to turn it down and he always says, 'i can barely hear it, it's so quiet!' so i tell him that *I* can hear it and that he should just shut it off... thank goodness he's so patient with me and complies with my request.
  4. my neighbors taking a shower -- the walls in our co-op are so thin that you can hear every little sound that my neighbors make. whenever the water is running in their bathroom, i can hear it, and it sounds like a huge flood coming in... or a waterfall running through our living room..... UGH.

GOSH, i'm cranky!


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  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Oh god. I have the SAME problem. It's gotten so bad that I just googled "sniffling pet peeve" and you came up! What does one do in this situation? She's a nice person but I just want to whack her in the head with a tissue box. She just wipes her nose, I wanna scream "BLOW DON'T WIPE!" It's all day, every day, all year round! Is it a disease? You cannot have to sniffle 24/7?!

    Chronic human induced noises drive me crazy in general. Sniffling, burping, snoring, slurping, loud chewing, gum popping, etc. Foot shaking also drives me nuts. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone :_(