Sunday, April 03, 2005

The storm was astonishingly noisy this weekend.

anyone who lives in the tri-state area knows about the "lovely" rain we got on Saturday. well, i don't think i have ever heard a thunderstorm as loudly and clearly as much as i did last night!

it was quite frightening at first because i was home alone, so hubby wasn't around to clarify every little noise that i heard: 'yes, that was the wind... yes, that was a car horn... yes, that was a bird...'

last night, i had to listen to these sounds BY MYSELF and then i had to figure out what they were. wow, what a challenge! the funny thing is, once i knew what exactly was making all the noise, i wasn't as "scared" anymore.

at one point, i actually heard water splashing against the living room window. at first, i didn't believe that it was raining THAT hard, but it was! my goodness... as soon as i looked out the window, i saw the downpour and it was BAD.

i also heard thunderclaps and the wind whipping against the screens on the windows. i didn't realize that window screens make noise when it's windy enough. who would've thunk it?

i discovered a lot of new sounds yesterday... THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE!


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