Thursday, April 21, 2005

An update and a farewell... for now.

i think this will be the last post in this blog... for a while, at least.

i haven't had any earth-shattering CI moments lately, although my hearing has been working very well. i'm still listening to the radio every morning on my way to work, i play my favorite CD's, i talk on the phone (both cell and land line) AND i don't rely on lip-reading as much. IT'S GREAT!

last weekend, my friend and i ordered the movie Stepford Wives through Movies On Demand. for some reason, the closed-captioning wasn't working. naturally, i was distraught because i NEED to read the captions in order to understand the movie... or so i thought.

instead of complaining about how Cablevision ripped me off by "fooling" me into purchasing a movie that wasn't captioned, i decided to hook up my processor directly to the television by way of the personal audio cable. with this little gadget, the sound from the movie was transmitted directly into my processor, so i heard it very clearly. it's amazing how much of the movie i understood because when it ended, i didn't think i missed anything (which is usually the case when i can't follow along). i felt so accomplished because i actually heard the movie! with a combination of listening really hard and speech-reading the characters' lips, i was able to follow The Stepford Wives with hardly any problems.

in short, the cochlear implant is an INCREDIBLE piece of technology. it has changed my life so much in many wonderful ways. i have no complaints whatsover, no regrets either and if i had to do this all over again, i would. END OF STORY.

before i wrap up this blog, i just wanted to say "Thank you!" to all of you who read my postings on a regular basis. i wish there was more for me to type, but unless i have some unusual CI moment or find myself hearing things better, i don't have anything to type about.

i do have an appointment to go for another mapping session with my audiologist next month, so maybe after that happens, i will have some new hearing stories to share.

in the meantime, if anybody has any questions/comments/compliments/complaints, PLEASE feel free to e-mail me at i will gladly get back to you.

happy hearing!


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