Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Features of the ESPrit 3G

i wanted to list the differences between the volume setting and the sensitivity setting on my new bte (behind-the-ear) processor.....

this doesn't really involve any specific CI moments, but is something i wanted to record for my own information (and for those that are curious about the technical stuff)

  1. i use this setting in quieter environments where there isn't a lot of background noise -- i.e., at home or at work
  2. i can hear my computer fan buzzing, the mouse clicking, feet rubbing on the carpet, water running, pretty much everything
  3. when i'm watching t.v., i use this setting because then i can hear my phone ringing or my computer beeping when i receive an instant message
  1. i like this setting in louder environments, such as a crowded restaurant or in my car
  2. i prefer to use this setting wtih my cell phone because it blocks out background noise
  3. if i want to concentrate on voices right next to me, this setting blocks out everything else so i can focus on whoever i'm listening to
although the sound quality of the 3G isn't as "advanced" or "crisp-sounding" as with the body-worn processor, i am getting used to it more and more each day...

i know that with time, even the 3G will sound more "natural" than my hearing aids ever did.

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