Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Three-and-a-half weeks!

so much has happened since the last time i posted on here, i'm absolutely overwhelmed. instead of making such a big production out of every little item and dreading the time it will take to post each entry, i'm just going to spit it out. there's no sense making myself more anxious than i already am, right? right!

sooo... here are some more CI moments i've had recently:
  • while at the car dealership a couple days ago, hubby and i were waiting for the car salesman to come back with some paper work. while sitting at the guy's desk, i heard music playing over the dealership's PA system and i RECOGNIZED it! the song wasn't that difficult to pick up -- The Bee Gees classic, Stayin' Alive - but my goodness, i knew what it was! the funny thing is, it didn't even occur to me that i was having such a wonderful CI moment until my husband caught me lip-syncing along to the song and brought it to my attention... heh heh :-P
  • even though the t.v. was turned on while i was watching Law & Order, i still heard the microwave beeping when my dinner was ready... this startled me, because even though i knew i was heating up food, i actually forgot about it until the microwave beeped
  • i can hear my husband spraying air freshener in the bathroom... it's the funniest sound and i always make fun of him: 'did you stink up the bathroom again?' and he says to me, 'no fair... you heard that!'
  • when i called my audiologist, Judy, to reschedule an appointment, her reaction was so sweet! it's pretty much "normal" for me to use my phone now (i use a hands-free headset, which makes it easier to hear), but apparently it was a bigger deal for Judy... her words: 'i almost fell off my chair when i realized it was you!' this was so nice to hear because it's not every day that someone truly sees how well i'm doing with my CI... and tells me so. thanks, Judy! :o)
  • when i was taking a nap one afternoon, i decided to keep my CI turned on just in case my phone rang or whatever... well, believe it or not, but my own stomach grrrowling woke me up! normally, i don't sleep with my CI or hearing aids, so i'm not used to hearing anything... AND i don't think i've ever heard my stomach growl this loud!
  • i facilitated a meeting at my work for the first time since i was hooked up... despite there being 12 people in the group, i had a MUCH easier time following the discussion; as long as people took turns talking one-by-one, i was hearing them with less difficulty... when i could see the speaker's face, the combination of the CI and lipreading made the meeting go by SO WELL... and i wasn't bored because i knew what was going on
the biggest, most exciting piece of news i wanted to share does not involve an actual CI moment... it is about me getting my ESprit 3G (ear-level) processor today! as soon as i get some pictures taken of it, i will post them on here so everyone can see what it looks like. there are NO WIRES dangling from my head... no body-worn processor tugging on my pants... it's perfect. granted, the sound quality is very different (not good or bad), but just like i did with the SPrint, i will have to get used to the 3G.

(pictures are coming soon!)

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