Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I had some lovely CI moments last weekend

i know it's been a while since i posted any new CI moments, but i have been so busy lately -- i'm surprised i have time to breathe!

on March 13th, it was my mother's birthday, so being the good children we are, my brother and i visited with her all weekend. my father is away on a skiing trip, so unfortunately he wasn't around, but a lot of my recent CI moments circled around my mom and bro... and it was wonderful!

  • i was upstairs in the living room folding my laundry while my mother was downstairs (behind me) in the foyer... she called to me that my sweaters were still a little damp and would need to be laid out to dry... i responded, 'okay' and went about folding the rest of my clothes... WELL, i found out later that my mother was on her way upstairs to basically tell me the damp-sweater news a second time (just in case) because she figured i didn't hear her, but when i responded 'okay' she was SO DELIGHTED to learn that i did hear her (and didn't have to repeat herself!)
  • while having dinner with my brother and mom, they were talking to me while i was reading the menu... i continued to have a conversation with them even though i wasn't facing them. at one point i looked up and saw both my mother and bro grinning at me from ear to ear... and then my brother said to my mother "she can hear us... that's so cool!" -- i got all teary-eyed seeing how excited both of them were for me
i haven't been keeping track of my CI moments as much as i used to at the beginning, but it's only because there haven't been that many new ones to report. i guess i should mention some new sounds i'm enjoying:
  • MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC on my car radio -- familiar musicians/groups are sounding much better to me (Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Beatles)... i have also been listening to a band called Onyx and think they are INCREDIBLE (their lyrics are just a tad vulgar, but i simply ignore them and enjoy the awesome bass sounds)
  • the teakettle whistling is an amazing thing... hubby and i just bought a new one tonight, so i got to hear it for the first time and WOW! (i melted the old teakettle because i didn't hear the whistling -- this happened pre-CI and is something i would rather forget)
  • hubby chewing his food -- it's a loud sound (no matter what he's eating)... i never really noticed this before, but now i pick it up all the time
COMING SOON: the story of my visit to Hawthorne High School!


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