Thursday, March 17, 2005

Listening to the News

every morning on my way to work, i listen to WNYC-FM: 93.9, National Public Radio. now that i have my CI, i can actually understand the news broadcasts (assuming the voice isn't too high-pitched or accented)... and it's GREAT.

well, i realized this morning that there really isn't anything in the news that is worth listening to. these are the stories i've picked up so far and i must say, they are DEPRESSING!

  • Robert Blake's murder acquittal - who cares?
  • Alaskan oil drilling - too bad
  • the Michael Jackson trial - yikes!
  • steroid use among Major League Baseball players - ugh
  • the WAR in Iraq - when will it be over???
  • problems in Lebanon and Syria - see above
  • soldiers in Afghanistan - poor guys
  • blah blah blah - blah blah blah
is this really what i've been missing all these years of not being able to hear the news? i find it to be sooo draining that i usually switch the station after a while and just listen to some music.

BUT!!! there are 2 reasons why i will never completely give up on listening to the news:
  1. because i like to be kept abreast of current events;
  2. and because i CAN!

heh heh.


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