Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rhapsody Is Really Cool

today i did something i haven't done since i lost my hearing last October: i turned on the Rhapsody radio program on my computer at work... and i listened to music!

i noticed that a lot of my posts lately have to do with the radio or with music. before my CI was activated, i really missed listening to music, so now i have been catching up every chance i get.

considering that i've been HOH my whole life, it's amazing how much i really enjoy listening to music. people have asked me if i can really hear the musicians or bands that i'm listening to. first, i think 'well, duh... of course i can,' but then i say, 'yes, i do.' i guess it's normal for some people to assume that i'm not really hearing the music -- that i'm only perceiving some kind of melodic sounds... and maybe i AM, but that doesn't mean i don't enjoy it.

i've been on a Charlie Parker kick lately... he sounds incredible. i have always enjoyed jazz, especially the saxophone-tinged kind. if it wasn't for my father, i would never know who "Bird" is. THANK YOU, Daddy!


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