Monday, February 28, 2005

It's getting easier to hear without lipreading!

i'm not sure if these are considered actual "CI moments" but i still think they're worth reporting:
  • this past weekend, my family and i went out to a Czech restaurant for dinner... while i sat in the back seat, my mother and father were in the front, and we had a conversation during the car ride there... although i needed some repeats, i pretty much understood what my parents were saying to me EVEN THOUGH I WASN'T FACING THEM
  • my husband and i were talking to a friend of ours at a bar; music was playing in the background, so i had a difficult time hearing what our friend was saying, BUT with a combination of lip-reading *and* listening with my CI, i was able to follow the conversation
  • the television at my parents' house doesn't have the closed-captioning turned on because i don't live there anymore... well, i was watching some t.v. with my family and forced myself to follow the dialogue without turning on the CC; it was difficult, and i missed quite a bit (especially when the talking was fast), but i know i'm improving because i picked up a lot more than i thought i would
  • i was test-driving a Pontiac G6 today... because my hubby was in the passenger seat, the salesman sat in the back; again, i had to follow what the guy was saying without looking at him directly and did pretty well... and NOW i'm the proud owner of the very car i speak of (no, that's not related to my cochlear implant, but i want to brag anyway)
as awful as this NJ weather is, it turned out to be a pretty darn good weekend!


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