Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another CI Moment

while deeply engrossed in a project at work, i wasn't paying attention to anything going on around me. my boss was in a different room -- across from my desk on the other side of the office -- when he called my name. i thought i heard someone say my name, but i honestly did not believe that i could really hear from that "far" away... so i ignored it and kept on working.

well, a few seconds went by and i heard my boss call my name again, so i looked up and sure enough, saw him coming towards me. i know my boss didn't realize what just happened (he's pretty clueless when it comes to my CI moments). because his voice is rather nasally and sounds a bit feminine, the fact that i DID hear him (from across the office) is a huge deal for me.

my only complaint about this is that i don't have "more important" people witnessing my CI moments. they are so special and fleeting and usually happen during the day while i'm at work. it's a shame that i can't share then with my friends or family more often. the most they can possibly get out of it is whatever they read in my blog -- and that's not enough in my opinion.

i wonder if anyone else shares a similar sentiment.....


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