Tuesday, February 15, 2005

One Week and A Day Post-Activation

here are some additional CI moments i've been experiencing the last few days:

  • my husband's voice actually started to sound "normal" -- the way i remembered it with my HAs... this is sooo nice!
  • i use an e-mail program called Incredimail that says "WELCOME!" when you open it... well, i never heard/understood what the voice was saying until a couple of days ago and it *shocked* the heck out of me
  • when i heard myself sneeze for the first time, i giggled... nobody ever told me how cute i sound... hehe
  • i finally used the telephone at work today and am having a BLAST with it!!! i hooked up the adapter to the phone and then to my processor and it sounds incredible... i don't remember hearing so clearly on the phone before with my HAs and am absolutely ecstatic... too bad my boss/co-workers don't realize how huuuge of a deal it is for me, but what do they know... HMPH.
  • i actually OVERHEAD bits and pieces of a conversation someone was having at work without even trying to listen... this is such a new phenomenon for me -- i am not used to eavesdropping at all! the few things i picked up were, 'did you eat your breakfast yet?' and 'it's a cloudy day today.' these aren't exactly earth-shattering statements, but wow... i heard them!
  • the pouring rain is reeeally distracting -- it seems as if i am listening to each individual rain drop hitting the roof of my car... rain DOES go "pitter-patter" outside... how cool is that?
  • i was having a conversation with my boss (about my CI) and thought we were done talking, so i started walking away and heard him say 'that's great' AFTER i left the room... he must think i'm really rude, but i honestly didn't realize he wasn't finished talking to me... ooopsie
  • while washing dishes, i heard a "clink-clinkety-clinking" sound and didn't know where it was coming from -- well, it was the metal zipper-end from my sweater tapping against the granite countertop as i was leaning over the sink... what a lovely sound!
i don't mean to be a wet rag (is that the term?), but here are some "complaints" i have:

  • the tinnitus in my head hasn't gotten any quieter... i wonder if it will ever go away... am i actually going to have to get used to this? EEEK!
  • i miss the way music sounds -- i know better than to expect my favorite band or musician to sound as beautiful as they used to before i lost my hearing, but still... i'm sad
  • my friend's voice used to sound so soft and feminine, but now it's all sorts of squeaky and whispery -- oh, well... with time it will get better, i know!

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  1. I know I'm posting to an entry from two years ago ("One Wee, and a Day Post-Activation, dated Feb. 15, 2005), but you were describing how tinnitus hasn't improved, that you miss the way music used to sound, and the way your friend's voice is squeaky and whispery.

    Have these things since improved?

    (My CI surgery just is a week and half away so I'm a bit anxious and hoping I'm doing the right thing.)