Friday, February 18, 2005

Minnie Mouse Madonna

i used to be a huge fan of Madonna's music, but not anymore...

yesterday, while driving home from work, i decided to listen to a CD mix my hubby left in the car. the first (and only) song i enjoyed was Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" (from the movie Dangerous Minds). it's got a great beat to it (the bass is awesome) and i enjoy the lyrics.

then i started listening to Madonna's La Isla Bonita and couldn't help but CRINGE. her voice sounds nothing like the way i remember it from my childhood. a friend of mine made a good point the other day: my taste in music is probably going to change now that everything sounds so different with my CI. what if the music i always liked will actually sound BAD now? the idea of this is so sad... and Madonna is a case in point.

i wonder if anyone else with a CI has had this experience. it can't possibly be *that* unique!

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