Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thank you, Bob Marley!

after my whining yesterday about how i miss music and how sad i am because it doesn't sound the way i remember it with my HAs, i decided to just "F*** IT!" (pardon my French) and turn on the radio on my way to work this morning.....

i put on a Bob Marley CD and was prepared to hear nothing but noise and squeakiness and tinny distortions, but nooo... i heard MUSIC and it was wonderful!

i cranked the bass up all way so i could really feel the beat of "Is This Love?" (my tinnitus is worse now because of it, but it was SO worth it). when "No Woman, No Cry" came on (which happens to be "our song" for me and hubby), i actually got tears in my eyes... it sounded *that* amazing.

i must admit that Bob Marley's voice did sound a bit like he inhaled too much helium, but it was definitely better than any female singer i've heard so far.

who would've thought that my FIRST positive musical experience would involve Reggae!

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