Friday, February 25, 2005

Some More CI Moments

  • this morning, i was putting on my gloves (thanks to the wonderful winter weather we're having) and heard my hands go "swissshhh" inside them. i'm not really sure how to describe the sound, but it was very distinct... i can't believe that hands slipping inside a leather glove make noise
  • before i got my CI, i used to have to put my cell phone on vibrate and keep it in my lap because i could never hear it while driving... well, now i can actually hear my phone ringing inside my purse! it's not on my lap, it's not next to me on the seat, it's IN MY PURSE -- and i can hear it
  • when i press the lock button on the remote for my car, i can hear the doors go "click" as they lock up... with my HAs, i used to have to look at the car and watch for the headlights/taillights blinking, which indicated that the doors were locked... NOW i can hear the clicking sound as i'm walking away from my car
  • i heard a plane in the sky this morning... and it's LOUD!

(it's only 10 am and i've already experience all these great CI moments... WOO-HOO!!!)


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