Friday, February 18, 2005

Scary ShopRite Silence

i went grocery shopping on Wednesday evening after work. while walking through the produce section, my bwp emitted its low-battery-warning beeps and then -- SILENCE. since i left my purse in my car (i only had my wallet on me), i couldn't change my batteries. walking through the supermarket in complete silence was terrifying.

i did my best to avoid people so that i wouldn't have to talk to anyone. i even went to the self-check-out register so i could do everything without anyone's help. at one point, the computer was malfunctioning (something about me not weighing the bananas before bagging them) and i FREAKED. i did *not* want to talk to people! fortunately, i was able to resolve the banana-bagging error and left the silence of the store as quickly as i could. how pathetic of me to feel this helpless.

considering i have been HOH all my life, it's ironic that this has never happened to me. i always had my HAs on in the past and was given plenty of warning ahead of time to change the batteries before they went completely dead. besides, since i wore 2 HAs, i could always flip the batteries because they never died at the same time. for some reason, my processor beeps only once and then the batteries die -- within a few seconds.

i gotta find out from my audiologist if there is some way to increase the time frame between "batteries running low" and "complete deafness" because it was NOT a fun experience.

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