Monday, February 21, 2005

Two Weeks Later

i've been experiencing some more really cool CI moments the last couple of days:
  • i finally began using the TV/HiFi Cable -- this accessory connects my speech processor to A/C or D/C powered equipment (such as a television, stereo or computer) and has opened up a whole new world of sounds and voices and background noise for me
  • while watching Will & Grace, i heard the laugh track in the background for the first time EVER... yes, i used to hear laughter on comedy shows before, but it was never this distinct or annoying... i couldn't help but wonder: how can people enjoy watching t.v. with that incessant laughter in the background???
  • i have been able to "beat" the closed-captions on t.v. -- for example, a phone will ring or there is a knock at the door... well, in the past, i would have had to read the caption "phone ringing" or "knocking on door" and then i would know what was happening... NOW, i actually hear the sound before i read the captioning!
  • when i was changing the sheets on my bed, i heard the pillow case make a "swooshing" sound as i was pulling it over the pillow... CLOTH actually makes a sound!
  • while i was reading the menu at a very noisy (and very good) Chinese restaurant, my brother said my name to get my attention... thinking nothing of this, i looked up at him and saw this HUGE smile on his face... he was so surprised and said to me, 'You heard me!" it was a lovely moment between the 2 of us
  • while visiting some friends for a coffee/tea get-together, i heard the heat blowing, the radio playing, the phone ringing and was STILL able to make out what people were talking about... there was a lot of background noise in that apartment, but gosh darn it, i managed!

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