Saturday, February 12, 2005

More CI Moments

well, it's obviously not as exciting as it was the first couple of days, but each day gets better and better...
  • i spent the day with my mother today and noticed that her voice was starting to sound more normal, like it used to with my HA's -- this was a pleasant relief
  • while at my parents' house, i was cuddling with Grey, one of their cats (he used to be my baby until i moved out)... well, i heard him purring!
  • i heard my cell phone ringing in the living room while i was in the bedroom... granted, our apartment is tiny, but this such a new thing for me -- and even though i don't actually *answer* my cell phone (unless it's my husband, brother or parents), i still love hearing it ring!
  • i can hear people IM me when i am online; it's great not missing messages from my friends anymore
  • i can understand more and more of what my husband is saying when i am not looking at him... being able to communicate without having to speechread all the time is saving both of us SO MUCH time, effort and frustration
  • the dishwasher makes a rather disturbing sound, which makes me feel sorry for our downstairs neighbors (but only a little because they're mean people to begin with... hehe)
i guess that's it, then..... so here's to another great sound-filled day!

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  1. Isn't it great! I love each new sound experience and I'm sure loving listening to this CD. Music isn't perfect, but it is sure wonderful. This precious CI got turned on only three weeks ago on Jan 25th. It has been an awesome ride. I'm blogging too...