Thursday, February 24, 2005


this evening, my husband installed a smoke/CO2 detector in the hallway next to our kitchen. while i was making dinner, it FREAKED out and started blaring "FIRE! FIRE!" over and over again. no, there was no fire -- the detector was responding to dinner baking in the oven. i didn't realize it was that sensitive, but that's besides the point...

i was minding my own business, setting the table, when the "FIRE! FIRE!" startled me. ironically, my (left) implanted ear was fine because my processor is set on an autosensitivity program. it was my unimplanted ear that was hurting. mind you, the smoke detector's warning screech is supposedly 85db LOUD. my hearing loss (w/o my HA) is supposed to be at 100db. it amazes me i could hear the alarm going off without my hearing aid in my right ear... so much so that the sound actually hurt me.

my poor hubby was hurting, too -- and got to experience firsthand how "wonderful" tinnitus is!


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